Star Light


I was sent back to Africa, old gods want to give me a gift, immortality. They didn’t use words to speak, but the wind and what sounded like the crack of thunder. Two black mountains came out of me. Their presence reminded me that I was alive. There were stars out despite it being light out; some of them were melting not fading out of existence. The gods wanted me to become one. They told me the only way for me to ascend was if I let go of my mortal shell, but I was stubborn. They tried again and again to get me to let go. It felt like torture. I was denied water and starved, it made me sick, and everything hurt. This went on for what felt like years. Then the stars began to flicker, the sky darkened, and the gods stopped. Seeming almost disappointed they stated that perhaps I wasn’t ready for their gift yet. It all began to fade. The sound of their words was washed away by my labored breathing and my brothers cooing, telling me that it was alright, that it was okay, that I was okay. When I finally came too I was still gasping for air, my body hurt, tears coated my face, hungry, thirsty, and felt like puking. Despite being told it would only last about fifteen minutes I had to know for sure. I will always wonder what would have happened if I gave in, the mind is a powerful thing after all. If I accepted their gift would my brain begin to shut down my other systems in turn killing me? Making me lay there next to my brother lifeless? I would hate to do that to him. I suppose that is why I refused; I didn’t want to scare him.